In January of 2005 Wendy made her move!  Wendy went from working at a high-end fashion specialty retailer wearing the latest high quality fashions to not knowing what’s would be next but believing and knowing with everything she’s got that God has called her into a different direction.  Which direction…that was unknown at the time, but the Lord made it very clear. There was nothing left to do but to surrender to HIS call!

After 18 years, working for my favorite retailer, working my way to managing 4 stores, I let my boss know that I would be going away to have surgery… (Pre- Cancer), and I wouldn’t be back.  I had great relationships with my team of 50 managers, and the rest of the team and this was going to be a hard thing to do.  It was Martin Luther Kings Birthday, my last work day, and it was VERY hard for me to leave.  I walked and walked rounds and rounds and more rounds through the store saying goodbye and hugging every last employee.  I remember walking out over the sky bridge and around 8:30 that evening not looking back because it was soooo hard!  What would I have done without Christ?  It was my faith in Him that kept me focused on what he asked me to do.

The next morning, I went in for surgery at 8:00 AM.  I promised the Lord that I would focus on my health, and the health of my family.  I had no idea that Christ would guide me into helping thousands of others  along the way!

In April, my husband and I took our kids to Disney World, on the drive back, I asked him to stop the car and to please find a Walgreen’s or a similar store because I had to draw what GOD was showing me.  I needed colored pencils, graph paper, and I needed it NOW!!!  Pronto!  My awesome hubby that he is stopped and we got what we needed!  During the remaining 6 hours of our drive, I drew my heart out to complete details of what God was showing me.

It was My H.E.A.L.T.H. Kick…. the story goes on from there…..  Believe the LORD speaks to you.  The question is?  Do we listen and take action.  Are we bold enough for the Lord to walk away from a 6- figure income not knowing what he is calling us to?  I say SURRENDER!

Walk in his Abundant Blessings friends!

Love you!