Fitness or Food? Which camp so you want to come to, or will it be both?
It is solely up to you! We are having both this spring and we hope you can make at least one.
Let’s talk food first!
We are having a 4 day 2 ½ Hour camp all about FOOD!!!
That’s right, we will be cooking Juicing and gardening! You will be able to cook with me, and eat it!
Come up with some crazy juices, and we will garden! You will make your own herbal plants, beans or a yummy veggie, and you will help me in my STRAWBERRY FIELDS! That’s right, my big, bad strawberry idea that my great friends Gail and Ramon helped me out with! More on those details when you sign up for the camp already! The only think that I know for sure is, you will have a ball and learn, learn, learn!!! WE are going to make some YUMMY STUFF! Hope you’re ready because I am surely getting excited!!!

Now let’s talk Fitness!

O.K. this is another very YUMMY subject! I’ll give you the correct definition on the word YUMMY when you get here. I know YUMMY, and we are going to have a YUMMY time!
Kickboxing – Oh yeah baby, we are going to HIT the BAGS, we’re going to kick ‘em too! 
Martial ARTS – Wanna learn some ancient weapons – It’s happening right at My H.E.A.L.T.H. Kick!!!
Speed & Agility – We will have an obstacle course that will be out of this world. It will help your speed and your agility! We are going to focus on racing…against the clock to improve in 4 days. Can it be done? You betcha!

Download the forms for parental specifics!
See ya at the camp. Reserve your space NOW, and finalize the deal with your payment to my PayPal account.
As always, call Wendy with questions.
678-438-4148! Let’s do this YUMMY Thing!