I am so happy to share with you why My H.E.A.L.T.H. Kick is hosting a 5K in honor of some incredible students. This 5K will help to fund Scholarships for Students that I teach! Let me highlight a few of my students so you can understand why this is so important!

I would like to introduce Nathaly Zelaya to you!

Nathaly training

She is a High School Senior at Cherokee High School that will be attending college next year with a Nursing Major. I met Nathaly 8 months ago, but it seems like a lifetime. She, her mother and I met in Starbucks in Cumming, GA. They drove 1 hour to meet me. We were meeting because Nathaly and her Mother wanted to hire a personal trainer to work with Nathaly. In Nathaly’s High School, each senior student has to do a Senior Project, and Nathaly’s Project is herself. Her goal was to learn about nutrition, to lose weight and to create habits that she could take with her to college. Nathaly, a sharp and amazing teenager let me know that she called me because she felt connected to me by her request on Thumbtack, (a hiring website for entrepreneurs). She got the impression that the other trainers she considered were to focused on money and didn’t seem interested in being “someones mentor.” This is how Nathaly’s request read on the hiring website:
I am in need a Female Personal Trainer. I am doing a Senior project on weight loss and I need a mentor. A good price, please be understanding! When I read this I replied that I would be happy to discuss working with her to meet her goal and to have an incredible Senior Project. I told her that We could discuss the price and make sure that it was something that would work for her.
After we met, I gave them the plan and we talked. We felt very comfortable with one another. Nathaly was the spokesperson, as her mother does not speak English. We negotiated and came up with a price that worked out.
Nathaly and I began our work, focusing on the Core, Arms and Leg muscles. We threw in kickboxing and Nathaly loves it! Over the time period Nathaly has lost 16Lbs (her goal). She has lost several inches, and more importantly Nathaly has learned a lot that will keep the College Freshman 15 off. Nathaly knows how to eat healthy and live a balanced life.

I would also like to introduce you to Kyle Montoya. Kyle has been one of my students since he was about 12 or 13 years old and now he’s 18 and way TALLER then me! I met Kyle when he enrolled in N.G.H.E. and I was the Kickboxing instructor. I immediately noticed his amazing athletic ability and his enjoyment for kickboxing. Kyle continued training with me over the years and took additional classes at the My H.E.A.L.T.H. Kick training facility! One day Kyle asked me if he could be my teaching assistant and this has been a mentorship that is very fulfilling, for the students, Kyle and myself. Kyle now trains in Martial Arts and assists me in my YUMMY Cooking classes at N.G.H.E. Kyle is very involved in the technology ministry at his church, Browns Bridge Church in Cumming, GA.
Next month, Kyle will be participating in The Tough Mudder with my family and many others and we are looking forward to sharing this extremely difficult but fun event together.

Kyle will be graduating May 2nd from High School and he has already begun taking college courses. Kyle is driven, dedicated, and so much fun to be around. Kyle believes that fitness, and eating well is a very important part of his life.

Both of these students Volunteer, Serve, and now I would love for them to become our 1st ever

My H.E.A.L.T.H. Kick Scholarship recipients.

SShhhh! This is a surprise to them and they will be awarded on race day. They will not see this BLOG post!

Thank you for considering to donate towards their college education and the reminder of a healthy lifestyle!

How do you register for the race? Fill out this form and fax it in! All of the information is on it 🙂 SAGERUN2015