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Yummy 28! is a 4 Week Fitness & Nutrition Program that guarantees results as you stick to the workouts and the foods list!

With This Program

28 Day Plan

For 28 days we are going to indulge in a YUMMY lifestyle. We are going to work our batooshes off.

Men and Women alike are going to focus on:

  • Nourishing Foods
  • Exercises specific to focusing on GAINS (muscle that is)
  • Slow and steady cardio
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Daily Devotions – Mindset training
  • Hydration Plan

Weekly Live Calls

During the Yummy 28, I will be absolutely “hands on.” You see, I really enjoy Helping People Achieve Life Through Healthy Habits. With that said, it is my absolute pleasure to support you through this journey. I will be live on the FB private Page and answer questions as they arise. I will provide, tips, additional information and hold a weekly live to answer questions on our forum. Our team is excited to meet you and see you transform. You will see changes. We will have daily devotions, and I share the Gods truth so our thought patterns will change. Support in the area of changing our habits is crucial and I understand that.

Facebook Support Group

When you are in a support group, you realize that you are not alone. You learn helpful information. It is easier to reach your goals as other members in the group can relate and can cheer you on!! When someone ask a question, it may have been what you were thinking. A group of people with a common goal can help you with your belief. It will leave you believing that you CAN achieve your goal, and you WILL. A group of people with a common goal is POWERFUL!!

How Do I Know If YUMMY 28 is Right For Me?

Here are some commonly asked questions that may help you decide if Yummy 28 is right for you.

It is not too far off to believe that you can be stronger, you can become healthier, you can live longer with great health. You CAN change your eating habits, you CAN lose weight and you CAN feel fantastic.

Do I have to do this program in the gym to get good results?

No.  I have created 2 separate programs.  The Gym version and the Home version.  Both of them will challenge you.

I am 57 years old. Can I do something like this when I have never worked out before?

Yes, you can!  It is never too late to begin to exercise.  One of my motivators, is 83 years old, a female body builder. She began working out at 72 years of age.  She in a runner and a fitness instructor.

I don’t want to bulk up like a body builder. Can I do this and stay lean?

You will not bulk up in four weeks.  You will tone up, and shred fat off of your muscles.  Muscles helps to strengthen your bones.

I am an avid runner and pretty fit, but I have saggy skin. Would this benefit me. Would this challenge me.

Yes, and Yes.  We will not be running in this program.  Our cardio is slow and steady.  You will see your body firm up.

Can Men do this program?

Absolutely, this is for men and women.

I have many allergies including Dairy. Will this be a problem?

Dairy is not permitted on this program.  You can switch up the foods to make it work for you.  There are specific limited foods that are permitted on this plan to provide optimal results.  If you find a certain food that you cannot eat, simply leave it out.

I do not like taking supplements, can I do the program without them?

Yes, you can.  The supplements do help with energy, and inflammation.  I am not encouraging all of the supplements that body builders take to enhance muscle growth as I am very focused on food, but if one is knowledgeable in that area and chooses to, that is fine.

How do I get access to the private Facebook group?

Once you have purchased the program, you will receive an email with instructions that tell you how to join the Facebook group.

Get Started Now!

You Choose Your Plan:


You prefer to work out at home. Maybe the gym has intimidated to you in the past. You just want to get your workout on and not be bothered with the Gym rats. The people who “flex” in the mirror. The whole environment makes you feel bad, and you just end up walking on the treadmill for a few and then you leave?

Well this may or may not be you, but you just want to be in the comforts of your one’s own home. Okay. The plan is here!!! Every single exercise has been converted to a do-able exercise while targeting the right muscles at home. You don’t have to have the big machines to have the big results. You will be amazed at how your body will transform.


More Details

We cover all muscle groups, slow and steady cardio, a foods list, including a few recipe ideas, nutritional support, and a rest and hydration plan. 

You will gain muscle and may lose up to 50% of your body fat.  It’s so amazing what can be accomplished at home with the right motivation, support, and encouragement.

We believe that God wants us well so implementing the right lifestyle plan and following through will be beneficial.  Are you ready to join us?

The “GYM” Plan

Going to the Gym is your thing and you just like to get out of the house. The equipment will push you to the next level. The gym has a variety of equipment and we will use it. Do not let it intimidate you. You can do it.


Some of you are very familiar about the benefits of the gym. You too will be pushed and you will be challenged!


You Can Do This Program…

Choose The Workout Plan To Fit Your Lifestyle TODAY!

Still Have Questions?

“… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

~ John 10:10 ~

My H.E.A.L.T.H.Kick - Helping Everyone Achieve Life Through Healthy Habits