Power Boost Drink

Rule #3 – Ok so it’s time to eat…you’ve gotta ask yourself, “What will I be doing for the next 2 -3 hours of my life?”

If you are planning on a nap, eat fewer carbohydrate foods, if you plan to train, eat more carbohydrates.  What you want to do at this point is gage your food intake on what will happen next..  Remember, your PRE-WORKOUT Carbohydrates should be LOW-GLYCEMIC!

My Husband, daughter and I have started lifting.  This is new for me, I have never been too serious in this area.  I normally do free-weights, kickboxing -cardio, and lots of stretching, however, we are focusing on a strength goal.  Prior to our lifting protocol, we nourish our bodies with either a Green drink, blended with coconut milk or a Power Boost Drink that is free of gluten, dariy, GMO’s, soy and it is Low -glycemic.

Know what you are putting in your powerful vessel!

From the girl who knows what’s YUMMY!!