Rule #1 Always eat at least 5-6 times a day!  You body needs fuel for energy.  If you are not eating, or eating the wrong mix of foods you do not have energy to perform physically. Two or three meals are simply not enough.  It is o.k. to regard 2-3 of these meals as snacks as long as you are eating Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Those snacks also need to contain sufficient calories to get you to your next meal, and they are compromised of the appropriate ratio of macronutrients.  (We will dig in to that a little deeper on the next post).

If you are eating… your blood levels and insulin levels will be controlled, as well as, your energy levels…and your HAPPY levels!  (Don’t forget that one)! 🙂  You body will get the necessary protein in small amounts throughout the day to support growth and recovery, and most importantly, body fat will not be stored, but instead mobilized as an energy source.

By providing your body with a consistent and very frequent supply of just the right amount of food, it’s need to store fat is reduced!   HUMMM!!!

Now when you eat infrequently, your body recognized a “famine” situation and your entire endocrine system (powerful hormones produced inside your body that control how you grow, recover, and produce energy) is thrown for a loop-a-dee-loop!

Then too much of the food your consume is store as body FAT in preparation for the “famine” to come!

EAT people EAT!

From the girl who loves to eat YUMMY Food…that’s good for you!