Lose Weight, Get Fit, Have Fun!

 Big Loser Shake It Off Challenge!


This is the start of a journey that focuses on becoming healthier!  When you do the things that make you healthy – weight loss is a big part of the positive results!  Here’s what you can do to get involved in the action!

1.  Put together a team of family and/or friends of four.  If you don’t have a team – We’ll find you one!

2.  Name your team!  You can have a team theme, team color, team motto!  Whatever you want to keep you motivated!

3.  Register by phone or online.  The event cost is $199.00 PER PERSON.  This includes a Pure Nourish 28 servings Meal replacement Shake Supplement Drink that is free of Gluten, Soy, Dairy, GMO’s and is Low Glycemic.  It also includes

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements for an entire months supply.  This is followed be a healthy eating plan, Fitness with trainers (online or in person), and much, much more!  You will receive your confirmation via e-mail with directions to our

location!  Interested but live too far?  We will accommodate you online!

4.  You will also schedule your assessment.  Don’t worry your information is safe with us and no one else will see your numbers.  Call us at 678-438-4148 (or) 678-521-2570 and let us know that you are ready to get started with your assessment and we       will schedule you right in.

5.  BLOCK OUT THESE DATES AND TIMES.  FEBRUARY 5, 12,19,26, MARCH 5,12.  These are the event dates with March 12th being the Finale and the Winning Team announcement! The Event is 6:30PM – 7:45PM.

6.  Attend Rally/Workout sessions in person or via Skype.  Wear comfortable work out clothes and tennis shoes and bring a towel and a water bottle!  Be diligent to do your home work-outs and follow them along with your walking plan during the week.       Work together with your team to motivate each other!

7.  For BEST RESULTS, follow the Shake it Off plan & healthy eating menu to the best of your ability and you will see and feel results – and YOU could become the BIG WINNER!!

8.  If you have questions and need anything else during the challenge event – please feel free to call Dennis or Wendy personally.  Dennis 678-521-2570 / Wendy 678-438-4148.

  • Follow the Program!  This event is about healthy weight loss and we will show you how.
  • Teams are to help motivate, challenge and support one another.  One team will be awarded the winning prize.  If there is a tie, two teams will win!  Winners will be determined not only by comparing the beginning and ending assessments numbers that will include overall weight loss, decrease in fat percentage, increase in muscle pounds, increase in hydration percentage – but by commitment and attendance to the rally/workout sessions and team spirit!!
  • There will be great prizes ans awards for the winners to help them continue their journey for healthy, wellness and fitness!